2020[..6] Financial Report

This is a short financial report for Open Collective for the first half of 2020, from 01-01-2020 until 30-06-2020.

As we haven’t noted the exact date of the previous report, the numbers in this one will be approximate :( It probably is good that @matklad didn’t choose accounting as a career. The next report should be exact though.

We’ve got about 14000 EUR on open collective after fees. Of which we distributed 12000 EUR by splitting it into two buckets:

  • 50% for Ferrous Systems

  • 50% for contributors, not affiliated with Ferrous

We were able to pay more than our usual 20% to contributors because we managed to do some direct contracting work for rust-analyzer.

Ferrous share went to paying for part of @matklad's time and for administrative tasks. 3000 EUR were paid to @flodiebold for chalk integration and various other type system improvements. 3000 EUR were paid to @edwin0cheng for implementing most of declarative and procedural macro support.

Our biggest Open Collective sponsors in the first half of 2020 are:


If you use rust-analyzer professionally, consider asking your company to sponsor the development of this project. We are also planning to announce a couple of new ways to support rust-analyzer development soon, stay tuned!

As a reminder, we publish weekly changelogs to report the progress on rust-analyzer and explain where the money goes.