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This module defines a DynMap – a container for heterogeneous maps.

This means that DynMap stores a bunch of hash maps inside, and those maps can be of different types.

It is used like this:

// keys define submaps of a `DynMap`
const STRING_TO_U32: Key<String, u32> = Key::new();
const U32_TO_VEC: Key<u32, Vec<bool>> = Key::new();

// Note: concrete type, no type params!
let mut map = DynMap::new();

// To access a specific map, index the `DynMap` by `Key`:
map[STRING_TO_U32].insert("hello".to_string(), 92);
let value = map[U32_TO_VEC].get(92);

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to Kotlin’s BindingContext are a coincidence.