Changelog #1

Commit: c6e4cad

New Features

  • #2388 added a more informative message for missing fields diagnostics.

  • #2445 added type inference for range expressions.

  • #2018 adds an initial version of add custom impl assist, which switches from a #[derive] to a manual impl.


  • Update chalk to fix infinite memory usage in some cases.

  • #2406 slightly better hygiene handling in macros.

  • #2453 employed salsa’s cycle-handling functionality to gracefully handle some error conditions instead of panicking.

  • #2455 add required special-casing for name-resolution of primitive types.

  • #2463 fixed method resolution order.

Internal Improvements

  • Extract hir_ty crate.

  • Separate compiler-internal hir_ty::Ty from IDE-visible hir::Type. This should allow more flexible evolution of type representation.

  • Rename "the IDE" crate from ra_ide_api to ra_ide: at 14k lines, it has much more stuff than just an API.

  • A lot of assorted refactorings in the type inference area.