Changelog #5

Commit: 9cad88d

New Features

  • #2668 move cargo watch integration to the server side. Now it is available for every editor, and not only for VS Code.

  • #2661 type inference for async functions.

  • #2663 "add missing impl members" assists now substitutes type parameters.

  • #2657 type hints for closures are less verbose.

  • #2667 account for visibility modifiers during name resolution.

  • #2061 use existing TextMate scopes infrastructure for color theme customization.


  • #2658 don’t pass empty set of features to Cargo.

  • #2673 correctly don’t add parent item to the scope of a nested item.

  • #2650 correctly display types of macro call expressions.

Internal Improvements

  • #2679 use lang-items infrastructure for resolving known traits.

  • #2684 simplify build process for the TypeScript extension.