Changelog #7

Commit: a30129b
Release: 2020-01-13

We now publish binary releases to GitHub 🎁! Note that this is the first release, so things are expected to go wrong. Release process is orchestrated by this workflow.

Additionally, the VS Code extension is renamed to rust-analyzer (the old name was ra-lsp). cargo xtask install should automatically remove the old extension, but, if you use the binary release, you’d have to uninstall manually.

We also got a new sponsor:! If you use rust-analyzer at work, consider asking your company to support its development!

New Features

  • #2724 basic support for const-generic parsing.

  • #2738 invoking reference search on { searches for struct literals. 72264442 10acd300 361b 11ea 8d2d 0d48eff2f1c1

  • #2698 initial support for call hierarchy. 71634596 6d57c900 2beb 11ea 9957 d1bb1aa92d3b

  • #2732 add configuration option to silence the error message about missing Cargo.toml.

  • #2779 support for parsing trait aliases.

  • #2749 initial support for read/write classification of accesses in reference search.

  • #2727 add impl members assist now correctly qualifies paths.

  • #2712 extend selection works in macro calls. 72265573 025fb680 361d 11ea 82d1 ccf5fe524767


  • #2753 epic one-line change by @michalt which enables salsa fast-path for incremental validation of libraries.

  • #2785 fix macro expansion in expression positions.

  • #2786 fix hover for local variables.

  • #2807 fix goto implementation for derived implementations.

  • #2788 outline correctly displays `#[macro_export]`ed macro rules.

  • #2816 add macro_rules snippet.

Internal Improvements

  • #2771 make issues like #2753 less likely.

  • #2768 rename VS Code extension to rust-analyzer.

  • #2820 publish binary releases.

  • compiler-team/#237 initial research for parser library-ification.