Changelog #27

Commit: 7ae247f
Release: 2020-06-01

New Features

  • #4646 now includes a dedicated category for IDE-related questions: IDEs and editors.

  • #4664 add most of the features of rust-analyzer to the manual. Each feature includes a link to the source code which implements the feature. If something does not work exactly as you want it to, you know what to do ;)

  • #4602, #4603 add semantic token types for boolean literals and self keyword.

  • #4621, #4654 highlighting for ? operator.

  • #4534 .call postfix completion.

  • #4640 add inRustProject when-clause for commands in vscode.

  • #4648 support the nightly raw reference operator.

  • #4562 Introduce Named Lifetime assist.


  • #4612 correctly tag releases.

  • #4617 fix rendering of hover.

  • #4629 don’t display inlay hints in diff view in VS Code.

  • #4596 when completing parameter names, don’t include leading underscore.

  • #4592 correctly compute text edit during completion if the partially-typed identifier is a keyword.

  • #4651 to improve completion, prefer first type in if else if there’s a type mismatch.

  • #4653 fix match ergonomics in closure parameters.

  • #4667 infer labelled breaks correctly.

  • #4669 in VS Code plugin always derive from process.env when spawning a child process/shell execution.

  • #4674 recursively search submodules to find modules in which a definition is visible.

Internal Improvements