Changelog #40

Commit: ac4b134
Release: 2020-08-31


This week we want to thank The Techno Creatives, a Gothenburg-based creative tech house merging strategy, design, and technology to catalyze innovation.

New Features

  • wg-parselib is formed to tackle the hard task of sharing the parser between rust-analyzer and rustc. Join discussion on Zulip or look for WG-parslib tagged issues in rust-lang/rust.

  • #5859 automatically publish rust-analyzer crates with ra_ap prefix: You can use these crates to build your own tooling on top of rust-analyzer, which can be compile with stable rustc. Note that we provide no backwards compatibility guarantees. Building external tooling on top of rust-analyzer libraries is a non-goal at the moment.

  • #4873 resolve links in hover documentation.

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  • #5884 for non-cargo based projects (rust-project.json) add a short-cut to specify sysroot location.

  • #5861 support extern types.

  • #5877 complete pub keyword in field definitions.

  • #5889 add --log-file argument to redirect logs to a file (by default, rust-analyze writes logs to stderr).

  • #5885 add more options to configure the color of inlay hints.

  • pr:5893: Allow running harness = false tests.


  • #5733 fix several bugs in Expand Glob Imports assist.

  • #5841 fix downloading rust-analyzer being stuck on 100%.

  • #5888 Inline Variable works with field shorthand

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  • #5887 improve fenced code block support for doctests.

Internal Improvements

  • #5866 improve logging.

  • #5867 unify the API for working with docs & other attributes.

  • #5880 detect overlapping text edit bugs earlier.