Changelog #44

Commit: 277488b
Release: 2020-09-28

Small release today: nightlies are blocked on fixing type inference bug.


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New Features

  • #5846 when completing function calls, automatically insert &:

    94450567 b7d39980 01ad 11eb 9a81 08717c9f76f6
  • #6061 allow to use a Github Auth token for fetching releases. This change allows to use a authorization token provided by Github in order to fetch metadata for a RA release. Using an authorization token prevents to get rate-limited in environments where lots of RA users use a shared client IP (e.g. behind a company NAT).

  • #6056 add dbgr postfix completion, which expands to dbg!(&e)

    94450989 33cde180 01ae 11eb 877a 6651124a707c

Internal Improvements

  • #6048 document internal scope abstraction.