Changelog #48

Commit: eae54b5
Release: 2020-10-26


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New Features

  • #6266 document all rust-analyzer native diagnostics in the manual.

  • #6297 project.json now allows setting a display name for crate. This is used in UI, as well as for hacky work-around for cfg-if in the standard library.

  • #6299, #6324, #6339 highlight items which are disabled by the current set of cfg flags.

  • #6172 Qualify Path assist:

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  • #6256 Replace String Literal With Character Literal

    97172891 fe59eb00 178f 11eb 80ce 57502898920b
  • #6109 complete clippy lint in attributes

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  • #6259 when installing from source code, allow cargo xtask install --client=code-oss to support alternative code binaries.

  • #6098 suggest adding & to local variable during completion:

    97173470 eafb4f80 1790 11eb 87a4 cb3f2407a2d8
  • #6251 add callable modifier for things that implement Fn traits to semantic highlighting.


  • #6288 fix long-standing bug where features merged in master close to release were missing from the changelog.

  • #6294 add a hack to resolve cfg-if inside standard library crates.

  • #6274 fix VS Code to correctly handle cargoExtraArgs.

  • #6302, #6320, #6330 fixes to the new TextMate grammar.

  • #6307 don’t highlight safe intrinsics as unsafe.

  • #6314 generate assist respect cfg attributes.

  • #6321 fix opening module documentation opening parent documentation instead.

  • #6319 fix false positive in camel case inspection.

  • #6326 hide paramater inlay hints for cloned vars if applicable.

  • #6337 fix indentation of inserted use statements.

  • #6331 correct hover text for items with doc attribute with raw strings.

  • #6357 don’t keep parens around with remove-dbg.

Internal Improvements

  • #6284 document appropriate logging statements for debugging project model issues.

  • #6295, #6301 try harder to separate crate names as written in Cargo.toml from crate names in extern crate statements.

  • #6336, #6354 improve Chalk debugging.

  • #6310 support insertions and deletions in tree diffing.

  • #6342 improve physical architecture (shorten critical crate dependency chain).