Changelog #75

Commit: eb741e8
Release: 2021-05-03


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New Features

  • #8629 (first contribution) allow pressing | to surround closure arguments in VS Code:

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  • #8617 (first contribution) add option to opt out of smaller font size for inlay hints in VS Code.

  • #8660 (first contribution) add mutable semantic token modifier for &mut self methods.

  • #8624 automatically detect rust library source file map.

  • #8685 parse const param defaults.


  • #8693 (first contribution) ensure that only one cache priming task can run at a time.

  • #8666 report correct version string on Windows and Mac.

  • #8670 make error message in the status bar more useful.

  • #8677 return ServerNotInitialized according to the spec.

  • #8679 don’t show error message for a valid notification.

  • #8684 correctly parse negated literals as const args.

  • #8687 improve unification of non-capturing closures.

  • #8692 fix panic caused by new Try trait definition on nightly toolchains.

  • #8698 search only crate-level prelude when looking for an item.

  • #8708 don’t duplicate Progress::Finished for cache priming.

Internal Improvements

  • #8661 make normal release after a point release less annoying.

  • #8668 use more cross-platform utc date argument.

  • #8683 ensure that client and server-side configs are not mixed up.

  • #8695 fix naming polarity.