Changelog #81

Commit: f0618a8
Release: 2021-06-14


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New Features

  • #9144 (first contribution) extend "Convert tuple to named struct" assist to work for enum variants.

  • #9106 "Go to definition" on an impl function goes to the corresponding function in the trait.

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  • #9223 complete associated types in dyn and impl trait.

  • #9202 make "Memory usage" work on Windows.

  • #9204 improve memory usage info accuracy on glibc Linux.

  • #9244 make block-local trait impls work.

  • #9153 show server status when click on the VS Code status bar entry to show the server status.


  • #9180 fix some IDE functionality inside attribute macros.

  • #9239 fix coercion in match with expected type.

  • #9182 don’t complete derive macros as function-like macros.

  • #9187 fix edge case in import granularity guessing.

  • #9186 prefer attr macros in "Expand macro recursively".

  • #9191 don’t descend into MacroCall TokenTree delimiters.

  • #9196 don’t classify attributes on macro-calls as the macro itself.

  • #9209 don’t suggest "Remove unused param" in trait impls.

  • #9215 enable "Change visibility" assist for use and macro items.

  • #9216 don’t allow lookup by self for unprefixed completions.

  • #9218 make item search respect trait impl items.

  • #9221 correctly highlight tuple field accesses.

  • #9161 fix incorrect config usage in hover references.

Internal Improvements