Changelog #109

Commit: 6831918
Release: 2021-12-27


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Known Issues

There are some recent known issues related to the VS Code extension and the update mechanism:

  • Since last week, users running VSCodium or another open-source build of Code might have issues opening projects. This is caused by a change to bundle the server binary with the extension, instead of downloading it on the first load. Unfortunately, Open VSX, which is the marketplace used by VSCodium and other forks does not support platform-specific, sometimes serving users binaries for the wrong platform. The workaround is to manually download the VSIX for your platform from GitHub releases, or to install the non-free version of Code.

  • Since last Wednesday, if you install the rust-analyzer from Code, you might get an older version of the extension (0.2.853, from two weeks ago). This is caused by us publishing the nightlies as pre-release version to the Marketplace, which was done to avoid having to download VSIX updates from GitHub for users on the nightly channel. Unfortunately, after publishing the first pre-release version, the Marketplace stopped showing the latest stable version (0.2.867, from last week). The workaround is to manually download the VSIX from GitHub releases, or to switch to the pre-release version, then back to the stable one which appears to fix it, probably by triggering another Code bug.

  • VS Code allows installing VSIX files that don’t match your platform. Please don’t do that.

  • If you’re running a 32-bit version of VS Code on a 64-bit Windows system, please install the 64-bit version of Code instead. This configuration used to work thanks to a workaround in the extension (it downloaded the 64-bit binary), but it’s no longer supported. If you are actually running 32-bit Windows, you don’t need to do anything different since that’s not a supported platform anyway.

  • It’s not yet known how updating between stable versions works.

If you’re not running one of the supported platforms, GitHub releases have a VSIX without an included server, but you’ll need to compile the server or obtain it by using rustup, just like before.

If you have any problems, please check the version you’re running against the one published on the Marketplace, check if you’ve set rust-analyzer.server.path (it’s not required on the supported platforms), and maybe file an issue if it still doesn’t work.

New Features

  • #11071 build and publish pre-release Code extension versions.

  • #11106 remove network updates from the Code extension.

  • #10933 show values of constants in hover.


  • #11122 remove note about alpha status Code extension description.

  • #11062 don’t say "a reference to" Copy types in the docs created by Generate getter.

  • #11069 partially fix ide_db::search for crate roots.

  • #11073 fix Windows not finding the PDB file.

  • #11074 bump default CHALK_SOLVER_MAX_SIZE.

  • #11083 fix Inline local assist not working in let statement initializer.

  • #11093 complete std::mem::drop instead of Drop::drop.

Internal Improvements

  • #10484 update match checking algorithm to match rustc.

  • #11065 don’t kick off inference in Semantics::descend_into_macros_impl.

  • #11082 do less work in hir::Semantics.

  • #11067 store function parameter names in ItemTree.

  • #11086 simplify completion rendering.

  • #11089 render more completions from HIR instead of AST.

  • #11090 deduplicate lowering ctx hygiene field.

  • #11092 directly use the self parameter in completions instead of searching for it.

  • #11095 disable unstable APIs for nightly releases.

  • #11103 improve GitHub release action.

  • #11117 replace TreeSink with a data structure.

  • #11118 move whitespace attachment logic to the parser crate.

  • #11120 move parser tests to the parser crate.

  • #11028 bump MSRV to 1.57.