Changelog #116

Commit: 02904e9
Release: 2022-02-14


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New Features

  • #11444 fix up syntax errors in attribute macro inputs to make completion work more often:

    153276465 81f780ed 8cc1 44ff 88a7 9080ce58116a
  • #11437 render whether a function is async / const / unsafe in completion details:

    153089518 5419afe4 b2c6 4be8 80f7 585f5c514ff2


  • #11459 (first contribution) add missing experimental capabilities.

  • #11442 (first contribution) use text range of a mod name after macro expansion when renaming a module.

  • #11436 don’t change references to super when renaming a module.

  • #11460 fix documentation of SsrParams.

Internal Improvements

  • #11453 make ascend_call_token iterative instead of recursive.

  • #11427 fix serialization of WorkspaceSymbolParams.