Changelog #125

Commit: 65fbe0a
Release: 2022-04-18


Since this week, rust-analyzer has a new home! The repository now lives in the rust-lang GitHub organization. If you’re an existing user or contributor there’s no need to take action but if you encounter any glitches, please keep calm and report them.

New Features

  • #11935, #12006 switch to LSP inlay hints (requires VS Code 1.66).

  • #11961 deprioritize already-imported names in use items:

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  • #11971 add trailing ; when typing = in assignment:

    163022079 1ed114ef 7c75 490f a8ed 731a13f0b44d
  • #11956 allow customizing the command for running build scripts.

  • #12014 attempt to format expand_macro output with rustfmt if possible.


  • #11957 (first contribution) fix GAT panics.

  • #11883 move module directory on rename.

  • #11967 fix trait impl completions not triggering after fn/const/type:

    162996087 56540f5e a6be 4111 a4a5 8de21f483a5e
  • #11969 add trailing ; when completing associated const/type in trait impl.

  • #11992 resolve uN::method even when use std::uN; is present.

  • #11993 enable ADT keyword completions in block expressions.

  • #12000 tag macro_rules macro bang with MacroBang tag.

  • #12001 do reference search on all downmapped tokens with the same kind only.

  • #12002, #12008 fix source root panic in global state when switching git branches.

  • #11991 fix completion detail for async functions and RPITs.

  • #12011 show impl Trait in argument positon in completion details.

  • #12013 support associated_const_equality in parser.

Internal Improvements

  • #11980 (first contribution) update repository URL.

  • #11964 unset test feature in rustc source crates.

  • #11970 bump chalk to fix most type mismatches in the rust-analyzer repo.

  • #11958 show config deseralization failures on start up.

  • #11960 show more project building errors to the user.

  • #11990 improve ItemTree pretty print output.

  • #11999 update feature list in VS Code extension README.

  • #12003 remove duplicated crate id field from hir::Type.

  • #12005 remove frequent Arc<Body> clones in type checking.

  • #12009 add more visibility into why the project gets reloaded.