Changelog #127

Commit: 5dce1ff
Release: 2022-05-02

Configuration Revamp

#12010 renames most configuration keys to allow for more flexibility. Once it gets merged (probably next week), the VS Code extension should still seamlessly support the old versions.

However, if you are using a different client, you might need to update your settings. The linked PR contains a comprehensive description of the keys that were renamed.

New Features

  • #12103 diagnose unresolved derive macros:

    165591059 c759f035 2400 4bb1 84b0 9332e86c65d5
  • #12110 make Inline type alias work for Self in impls.

  • #12074 reduce priority of flyimport completions.


  • #12072 (first contribution) fix associated type resolution.

  • #12089 (first contribution) handle raw identifiers in move_module_to_file.

  • #12071 (first contribution) change tabs to spaces in macro_rules snippet.

  • #12057 (first contribution) disable visibility token validation in trait impls with attributes.

  • #12111 fix outline mod completion with partial module name:

    165821068 a673a154 ce53 4489 af60 56d09dc9061c
  • #12099 resolve variants in patterns when qualified through type aliases.

  • #12075 don’t emit a quickfix for placeholder suggestions from rustc/clippy.

  • #12082 use correct parameter list for methods in signature help.

  • #12085 fix filtering in function parameter completion.

  • #12007 restart proc-macro client when reloading the workspace.

  • #12098 show macro_rules snippet in blocks.

  • #12090 use pattern recovery set when parsing ident patterns.

  • #12097 revert quoting of runnable names.

Internal Improvements

  • #12118, #12133 (first contribution) rename crates to kebab-case.

  • #12127 update actions/checkout@v2 to v3.