Changelog #129.5

Commit: 7e95c14
Release: 2022-05-17

Bonus Release 🎉

This release increments the VS Code extension version to fix installation problems on the stable channel.

The VS Code extension version of this release is v0.3.1059. It corresponds to the nightly release v0.4.1058.

If you get a "Server returned 404" error when upgrading, try uninstalling and reinstalling the extension.

New Features

  • #12253 Add binding mode inlay hints

    168427387 2f299438 a0cc 496b a9a5 d689ef6a2b55
  • #12244 Show inlay hints after a } to indicate the closed item

    168338713 4cedef50 3611 4667 aa6a 49e154ec16a7
  • #12274 #12275 Handle getters and setters in documentation template assist

  • #12276 Improve Generate Deref impl assist

  • #12285 Implement inlay hint tooltips

    168842815 0c814163 25ab 4a63 aae6 bd63e3562857


  • #12272 Fix signature help LSP offset conversion

  • #12289 Fix incorrect config key in client config update

  • #12271 Fix type mismatch error with Box

Internal Improvements

  • #12284 Cleanup lifetime elision hints

  • #12292 Bump extension version