Changelog #153

Commit: ba28e19
Release: 2022-10-31

New Features

  • #13494 implement type inference for generic associated types:

    A screenshot showing type inference working for a GAT
  • #13510 stop or restart the server when clicking the status bar item:


  • #13478 run flycheck for the correct workspace.

  • #13475 test all generic args for trait when finding matching impl.

  • #13476 don’t respond with an error when requesting a shutdown while starting.

  • #13512 always set up VS Code commands.

Internal Improvements

  • #13484 switch to upstream positionEncoding.

  • #13496 clarify feature policy.

  • #13513 properly handle VS Code workspace changes.

  • #13505 clean up tests and add documentation for GAT-related stuff.