Changelog #154

Commit: d03c1c8
Release: 2022-11-07

An Update on OpenVSX

Many users of VS Code are actually running an open-source version of the editor. These include VSCodium and the code package in Arch Linux. The "free" builds are not allowed to connect to the Microsoft Marketplace and instead they download extensions from OpenVSX.

For a long time, the version of rust-analyzer available on OpenVSX was outdated and did not work very well with recent Rust toolchains. But because of various technical reasons, we were not able to publish new versions there. This caused countless of disappointed users, and dozens of duplicate issues filed against our tracker.

Last week, with the help of the OpenVSX maintainers, we managed to sort out the issues. And for the first time in almost a year, rust-analyzer is available on OpenVSX. Unfortunately, we had to remove the existing versions, under the identifier of matklad.rust-analyzer. If you have that version installed, it will not be automatically switched over to the new one (rust-lang.rust-analyzer).

So if you are not running a Microsoft build of VS Code, our advice is to reinstall rust-analyzer from Code’s extension page. This will ensure that you get updated versions in the future. If you’ve installed a VSIX from GitHub since March, it should get updated automatically, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

If you are using an official build of Code, or a different editor, you don’t need to take any action.

New Features

  • #13525 show signature help when calling generic types implementing FnOnce:

    A screenshot showing signature help when calling a `FnOnce` parameter
  • #13516 add "Convert match to let-else" assist:

  • #13527 use let-else statements in "Convert to guarded return".

  • #13359 add rust-analyzer.assist.emitMustUse config for inserting #[must_use] in generate_enum_as_method.


  • #13454 (first contribution) handle shadowing of locals in "Inline call".

  • #13508 (first contribution) don’t offer to remove unnecessary async in trait items.

  • #13523 disregard type variable expectation for if expressions.

  • #13546 lower unsafety of function pointer and item types.

  • #13517 make custom expression prefix completions understand references.

  • #13549 fix reference searching accounting for substrings instead of whole identifiers.

  • #13456 generate SCIP symbols for local crates.

Internal Improvements

  • #13445 (first contribution) fix some broken links in

  • #13536, #13556 (first contribution) mention auto-published crates in the manual.

  • #13379, #13435 migrate assists to format args captures, parts 1 and 3.

  • #13544 add rustbot features related to PR state labels.

  • #13541 clarify which VS Code commands are meant for debugging.