Changelog #156

Commit: 2656297
Release: 2022-11-21

New Features

  • #13290 (first contribution) support multiple targets for checkOnSave (with cargo 1.64+):

    Screenshot showing an editor highlighting two warnings in code gated for different targets on one side and the `cargo check` output on the other side, with the same warnings. It also shows how to configure multiple targets as a `` array in `.cargo/config.toml`.
  • #13633 allow viewing the full compiler diagnostic in a readonly textview:

    Screen cast showing  a compilation error in VS Code. The diagnostics pop-up has a `Click here for full compiler diagnostic` link which, when clicked, displays the `rustc` output in another tab, including the ASCII art showing the various spans of the error.
  • #13629 make "Remove dbg!()" work on selections.


  • #13642 don’t emit associated consts with a value in "Implement missing members".

  • #13622 include generic parameters in GAT completions.

  • #13623 strip comments and attributes off all trait item completions.

  • #13624 resolve inference variable before applying adjustments.

  • #13639 fix proc-macro-srv search paths for Arch Linux.

  • #13641 fix some format expression parsing edge-cases.

Internal Improvements

  • #13615 (first contribution) bump some crates to bring support for the new Tier 3 Windows targets.

  • #13653 (first contribution) fix typo in anchor.

  • #13649 (first contribution) improve grammar of

  • #13625 update proc-macro-srv tests.

  • #13632 make it more obvious which SCIP features are not yet emitted.