Changelog #161

Commit: 74ae2dd
Release: 2022-12-26

New Features

  • #13699 implement location links for type inlay hints (disabled until Code 1.76 release because of a bug):

    Screen recording showing clicking on inlay hint parts
  • #13817 add option to hide adjustment hints outside of unsafe blocks and functions:

    Screenshot showing an <unsize>&raw mut * on the RHS of let ptr: *mut \[u8\] = &mut \[\]


  • #13805 (first contribution) complete enum variants without parens when snippets are disabled.

  • #13794 fix "parser seems stuck" panics when parsing colossal files.

  • #13795 use the correct edition when formatting code in path dependencies.

  • #13800 don’t match let expressions and inline consts in expr MBE fragments.

  • #13820 fix binding mode hints always adding parentheses to or-patterns.

  • #13831 don’t autofill associated type trait bounds when generating an implementation.

  • #13764 correctly check for redundant parentheses in the remove_parentheses assist.

  • #13806 skip hints for identity (TT) adjustments.

  • #13814, #13818 calculate the TargetDataLayout correctly for the selected target.

  • #13840 handle lifetime variables in CallableSig query.

Internal Improvements

  • #13828, #13829, #13835 (first contributions) fix redundant_clone, explicit_auto_deref, uninlined_format_args clippy warnings.

  • #13830 use a default derives and strip_prefix.

  • #13771 add xtask command for publishing release notes on GitHub Releases.

  • #13804 split inlay hints into modules by type.

  • #13822 thread FamousDefs through the inlay hints.