Changelog #163

Commit: f77b68a
Release: 2023-01-09

New Features

  • #13832 add enum variant discriminants hints:

    Screenshot showing the discriminant values on an enum
  • #13876 package Windows release artifacts as ZIP and add symbols file.


  • #13894 apply fallback before final obligation resolution.

  • #13854 support multi-character punct tokens in MBE.

  • #13877 prefix prelude items whose name collides in current scope.

  • #13887 only set machine-applicable rustc diagnostics as preferred.

  • #13882 remember adjustments introduced by binary operators.

  • #13853 use diagnostic code as link to full message.

  • #13886 add a ZWNJ to prevent VS Code from forming ligatures between hints and code.

  • #13885 skip lifetime elision hints on fn pointers and fn trait types.

  • #13893 complete record enum variants without parens when snippets are disabled.

Internal Improvements

  • #13860 fix a bunch of clippy lints.