Changelog #164

Commit: ff4d55e
Release: 2023-01-16

New Features

  • #13684 (first contribution) add Extract format expression assist:

  • #13810 (first contribution) add an assist to expand a macro once, inline

    Screen recording showing a macro invocation being replaced by its expansion
  • #13744 (first contribution) add the ability to limit the thread pool size (rust-analyzer.numThreads).

  • #13816 add option to make adjustment (reborrow) hints postfix:

    Screenshot showing some postfix reborrow hints like `db.*.&.<unsize>`
  • #13825 add Unqualify method call assist:

    Screen recording showing the assist converting `Add::add(1, 2)` to `1.add(2)`
  • #13848 colorize cargo check diagnostics in the full view in VSCode:

    Screen recording showing colors and ASCII art when displaying the compiler output
  • #13934 make unlinked_file diagnostic quickfixes work for inline modules:

    Screen recording showing a `mod` declaration added into a parent inline module
  • #13458 add assist to replace plain arithmetic operations with wrapping/checked/saturating ones.

  • #13946 remove hover inlay tooltips, replace them with location links.

  • #13799 rename checkOnSave settings to check.


  • #13843 (first contribution) add missing await in generated delegate methods.

  • #13753 (first contribution) increase proc macro expansion token limit (fixes the visitors in swc).

  • #13940 (first contribution) fix a panic in the match-to-let-else assist.

  • #13763 add type bounds to generated #[derive] implementations.

  • #13891 keep whitespace in extracted functions.

  • #13890 unescape inline module names when resolving modules.

  • #13897 resolve inherent methods implemented in ancestor blocks.

  • #13948 make inlay hint location links work for more types.

  • #13945 handle or-patters in missing match diagnostics.

  • #13923 revert "add a ZWNJ to prevent VS Code from forming ligatures between hints and code".

Internal Improvements

  • #13956 (first contribution) upgrade command-group to fix build on Haiku OS.

  • #13915 make it clearer when the server expects an initialized notification.

  • #13917 split out hir-def attribute handling parts into hir-expand.

  • #13933 refine reference search for const and function associated items.

  • #13941 explain the idea behind rust-project.json.

  • #13928, #13929, #13862, #13919, #13936, #13937 fix some Clippy lints.