Changelog #168

Commit: 646f973
Release: 2023-02-13 (0.3.1402)

New Features

  • #14095 (first contribution) add unsafe postfix completions.

  • #14098 (first contribution) add support for DidChangeWorkspaceFolders notifications.

  • #13991 add an "Add braces" assist:

    Screen recording showing an assist that adds braces around the bodies of a closure and a `match` arm
  • #14087, #14094 support computing layout of RPIT.

  • #13986 add a setting to limit the number of completions.

  • #14127 build i686-pc-windows-msvc binaries.

  • #14135 add Lapce installation instructions.

  • #14134 add clippy configuration section to the manual.


  • #14114 (first contribution) insert spaces when inlining macros.

  • #14084 fix parsing of nested tuple field accesses (in a cursed way).

  • #14092 don’t panic on broken syntax trees in adjustment inlay hints.

  • #14099 properly use location links for type hints of impl Future and its associated type.

  • #14103 don’t insert a semicolon when typing = if parse errors are encountered.

  • #14110 fix completions after functions with no bodies.

  • #14111 hide proc macro server version detection errors.

  • #14125 don’t render bind pattern inlay hints for constants.

  • #14116 render discriminant inlay hints for mixed variants if at least one discriminant is specified.

  • #13975 suppress extra indent after the end of field and function chains.

Internal Improvements

  • #14091 support sysroot library source being defined inside the workspace.

  • #14100 allow specifying what proc-macro server to run in rust_analyzer::load_cargo.

  • #14119 remove a few allocations in hir_ty::utils.

  • #14090 unify language configuration folding markers with server behaviour.