Changelog #169

Commit: a6603fc
Release: 2023-02-20 (v0.3.1418)

New Features

  • GitHub Discussions are now enabled on the rust-analyzer repository.

  • #14141 support UTF-32 position encoding; together with this change, fixes Emacs lsp-mode emoji crashes.


  • #14162 (first contribution) check snippet capability in "Generate getter".

  • #14140 fix delimiter stripping in proc-macro-server.

  • #14123 don’t trigger postfix completion before else.

  • #14122 don’t expand macros in the same expansion tree after overflow.

  • #14144 strip prefix when searching for raw identifiers.

  • #14138 don’t include r# prefix in filesystem changes.

  • #14157 adjust binding mode inlay hints to render better with @ patterns.

  • #14160 bring back hovering call parentheses for return type information.

  • #14149 trigger call info for more signature completions.

Internal Improvements

  • #14153 (first contribution) add v7 proc macro metadata support.

  • #14171 (first contribution) fix link in

  • #14128 improve parser recovery for delimited lists.

  • #14150 don’t allocate the generic_args Vec in hir_def::Path if every element is None (~9 MB win on analysis-stats self).

  • #14152 replace some often empty Vecs with boxed slices (~2 MB win on analysis-stats self).

  • #14151 enable smallvec's union feature (~4 MB win on analysis-stats self).

  • #14156 don’t reconstruct ref match completion in to_proto manually.

  • #14165 make CompletionItem more POD-like.

  • #14147 don’t rely on VSCode internal commands in the server.