Changelog #172

Commit: f1e51af
Release: 2023-03-13 (v0.3.1435)

New Features

  • #14232, #14316 MIR episode 2, add need-mut and experimental unused-mut diagnostics:

    Screenshot showing an error when reassigning a non-mut variable
  • #14313 add fancy buttons to the VS Code status message:

    Screenshot showing the status and Stop, Reload, Restart and Open logs options in a status bar menu
  • #14266 make replace_or_with_or_else assists more generally applicable.

  • #14328 allow passing extra cargo args when running build scripts.


  • #14323 (first contribution) fix source root de-duplication.

  • #14267 mark unresolved field, unresolved method and expected function diagnostics as experimental.

  • #14297 add libcore dependency to proc macros.

  • #14282 load proc macros for rustc_private crates.

  • #14260 tighten replace_match_with_if_let applicability range.

  • #14271 don’t trigger unresolved method/field diagnostics on types containing errors.

  • #14284 highlight unresolved derives as such.

  • #14248 show diagnostic for } followed by else in let-else statement.

  • #14283 don’t send error notifications for workspace failures if server status is supported.

  • #14286 fix block defmap not looking into tail expressions for macro calls.

  • #14291 fix handling of multiple definition bindings in convert_match_to_let_else.

  • #14299 fix searching inside bodies of attributed items.

  • #14300 watch both stdout and stderr in flycheck.

  • #14306 fix block with no termination in or-patterns.

Internal Improvements

  • #14261 reuse the resolver in InferenceContext instead of rebuilding it when needed.

  • #14302 add missing queries to per_query_memory_usage.

  • #14311 don’t attempt to compute diagnostics in library crates.

  • #14326 rename match_expr field of hir::diagnostics::MissingMatchArms.