Changelog #180

Commit: 833d530
Release: 2023-05-08 (v0.3.1506)

New Features

  • #11557 (first contribution) add dependency tree explorer:

    Screenshot showing a new VS Code panel with a tree of the project dependencies
  • #14662 (first contribution) support locally-built documentation for experimental/externalDocs with compatible clients.

  • #14664 MIR episode 4, support arithmetic assignment operators, statics, constants in patterns and associated constants in traits.

  • #14711 highlight closure captures when cursor is on | or move.

  • #14732 fix pattern type mismatches for bindings, enable pattern type mismatch diagnostics again.

  • #14725 emit function bodies when expanding built-in derives.

  • #14749 define problem matcher for panics, F8 will go to the panic location in Code.

  • #14758 add rust-analyzer.hover.memoryLayout.enable config for disabling memory layout info on hover.


  • #14745 (first contribution) sort dependencies in VS Code tree view.

  • #14707 don’t generate already-existing methods on generate_delegate_methods.

  • #14713 don’t highlight escapes in raw strings.

  • #14714 exclude Sized from go-to actions in hover.

  • #14705 fix floating point evaluation and try block tracking in MIR.

  • #14712 only pass unstable flags to cargo metadata from extra args config.

  • #14738 use block def maps in body lowering.

  • #14739 parse bare dyn types with leading lifetime.

  • #14750 ignore impls with #[rustc_reservation_impl]

  • #14748 show memory layout type aliases.

Internal Improvements

  • #14716 reduce memory consumption by not merging trait_impls_in_deps results (saves 59 MB on self).

  • #14720 use boxed slices instead of Vecs in declarative macros (saves 8 MB on self).

  • #14718 use triomphe::Arc instead of std::sync::Arc (saves 4 MB on self).

  • #14715 refactor symbol index.

  • #14710 refactor notification handlers.

  • #14733 publish line-index and switch to nohash_hasher.

  • #14757 fix library publish branch filter.