Changelog #181

Commit: e5c7228
Release: 2023-05-15 (v0.3.1514)

A Note on Today’s Release

Because of an infrastructure issue, today’s release is not available on the VS Code Marketplace and OpenVSX. The VSIX can still be downloaded manually from GitHub Releases, and Code should be able to update it automatically in the future.

We hope we can get everything sorted out by next Monday.

New Features

  • #14742 add closure capture inlay hints, disabled by default:

    A screenshow showing capture hints, like move(&mut count) || { count += 1; }
  • #14777 add rust-analyzer.semanticHighlighting.nonStandardTokens setting to control the usage of non-standard tokens and modifiers.


  • #14781, #14800 introduce macro sub-namespaces and macro_use prelude.

  • #14727 evaluate consts lazily in path_to_const.

  • #14795 add macro modifier for highlighting tokens in macro calls.

  • #14797 fix perf regression from symbol index refactor.

  • #14801 fix process_changes duplicating change events.

  • #14788 fix derived Debug implementation for unsized structs.

Internal Improvements

  • #14799 (first contribution) remove root component from patched Windows UNC path prefix.

  • #14735 drop canonicalization of paths and normalize all rust-project.json paths.

  • #14808 add metrics for unevaluated constants, failed MIR bodies and failed data layouts.

  • #14747 add more APIs to la_arena::IdxRange.