Changelog #202

Commit: b1f89a8
Release: 2023-10-09 (v0.3.1689)

New Features

  • #15668 (first contribution) add backtick to surrounding and auto-closing pairs.

  • #15700 add assist for applying De Morgan’s law to Iterator::all and Iterator::any:

  • #15707 allow configuring the status bar click action in VS Code.


  • #15690 (first contribution) fix line and column regex in the VS Code problem matcher.

  • #15701 strip base prefix in layout_scalar_valid_range.

  • #15698 allow more kinds of if-let patterns in guarded return assist.

  • #15709 recognize #[export_name = "main"] function as binary entrypoint for runnables.

  • #15641 fix path syntax produced by the into_to_qualified_from assist.

  • #15600 ensure rustfmt runs when configured with ./.

Internal Improvements

  • #15721 shrink PatPtr by swapping its AstPtr and Either wrap order.