Changelog #203

Commit: 6572ec8
Release: 2023-10-16 (v0.3.1697)

New Features

  • #15728 (first contribution) VS Code: support opening local documentation if available:

  • #15743, #15752, #15755 (first contribution) add assist to convert is_some / is_ok and to if let:

    "Screen recording showing an assist that rewrites `if a.is_some()` to `if let Some(_tmp) = a`
  • #15681 (first contribution) add rust-analyzer.rust.analyzerTargetDir option to use rust-analyzer specific target directory.

  • #15696 add tuple return to tuple struct assist:


  • #15744 (first contribution) add diagnostics for char and byte literal errors:

    Screenshot showing errros on invalid char and byte literal
  • #15713 offer prefix match flyimport completions for one and two character paths:

    Screenshot showing `IpAddr`, `Ipv4Addr` and `Ipv6Addr` completions for `Ip`

Internal Improvements

  • #15745 (first contribution) add Zed to the manual IDE list.

  • #15725 fix automatic rustc / rustdoc lint generation.

  • #15618 port anymap to stdx.

  • #15760 make some mir::ProjectionStore methods public.

  • #15762 try to use deploy key in the metrics workflow.

  • #15691 update rustc_abi dependency.