Changelog #208

Commit: 255eed4
Release: 2023-11-20 (v0.3.1740)

New Features

  • #15891 diagnose some orphan trait impl cases:

    Screenshot showing an error on `impl Copy for String`
  • #15895 diagnose missing associated items in trait impls:

    Screenshot showing an error on a trait implementation with a missing associated const value
  • #15893 diagnose incorrect unsafety for trait impls:

    Screenshot showing an error on a safe trait implementation of an unsafe trait, and on an unsafe implementation of a safe trait


  • #15901 diagnose everything in nested items.

  • #15903 make line! and column! expand to literals.

Internal Improvements

  • #15875 fix PathSegment grammar.

  • #15899, #15917 sync from downstream.

  • #15874 migrate assists to the structured snippet API, part 4.

  • #15925 remove debugging code in path resolution.

  • #15902, #15913 bump some deps.

  • #15830 VS Code: expose workspaces to other extensions, remove addProject command.

  • #15900 disable VSIX builds for win32-ia32, which VS Code no longer supports.

  • #15904 bump minimum supported VS Code to 1.78.