Changelog #235

Commit: 71a816a
Release: 2024-05-27 (v0.3.1975)

New Features

  • #17268 retain more information about callables.


  • #17248 (first contribution) only clear diagnostics after new ones were received.

  • #17140 (first contribution) handle {self} when removing unused imports.

  • #17295 (first contribution) use correct key for environment variables with the C/C++ extension.

  • #17270 consider implied bounds from associated types in completion.

  • #17174 infer type of async blocks with tail return.

  • #17251 resolve extern prelude for modules nested in blocks.

  • #17277 fix various find_path issues.

  • #17279 fix format_args lowering.

  • #17284 use correct toolchain channel when generating built-in type doc links.

  • #17275 fix inconsistent working directory for Run and Debug commands.

Internal Improvements

  • #17296 (first contribution) avoid clone when constructing runnable label.

  • #17287 allow sysroot to only consist of the source root dir.

  • #17252 refactor prefer_no_std and prefer_prelude bools into a struct.